.com is an internet based company focusing on electric mobibilty. We are a cutting edge distributor of InMotion products based in The San Francisco Bay Area. Life is not about working your entire life away. You need to keep it balanced. We offer you self-balancing unicycles as well as Segway/Razor type scooters. Take a break and go outside for 30 minutes and escape the office. We have tested all the options and the Inmotion Mohawk V3 is by far the best.

As you can see, we’re a passionate new company proud to carry the highest quality electric InMotion products available, including the Mohawk V3 and the MoGo as well as the new L6. We are setting the trends and pace when it comes to offering InMotion products, which are loved for their quality and technologically advanced superiority.

AirDawgVibes not only sells the best quality products, but we’re also dedicated to giving the best service to our valued customers. This is the reason why our reputation is already well-known for unmatched quality and service. Our passion for our products allows us to have a valuable connection with our customers, and our experience gives us the ability to answer all their questions and problems.
mohawk v3

We love what we do and sell, and want our customers to not only get the product best suited for them, but also the ongoing service to keep them and their products rolling smoothly. To accomplish this goal, AirDawgVibes works directly with the manufacturer for all warranty and service needs in order to take all the hassle out of any problems or repairs that may occur. We strive to make purchasing and enjoying your product easy and hassle free, so you can get the best deal and enjoy using your product with the utmost satisfaction.

Here on our website, you’ll easily find our contact information including a phone number if you have any questions at all. AirDawgVibes strives to make visiting our website a fun and informative time. A visit that could include you watching videos, looking at the products we offer, reading our frequently updated blog, and finding the help and answers to any questions you may have. If you decide to get rolling with one of our awesome quality products, we’re always committed to quick shipping and response times. Please check out the site, and if you have any questions at all contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

INMOTION vehicles balance themselves, stand upright, go where you go, day and night.

Now, how cool is that?