1603, 2016

UL Certification for Hover boards


Hover boards are the latest trend in mobile vehicles that can simply be controlled by your feet and shifting of weight. With the continued popularity, […]

903, 2016

California Laws For Electric Personal Transportation


Electrically motorized self-balancing vehicles, also known as Hover boards, were one of the biggest trends of 2015, and this looks set to continue into 2016. […]

303, 2016

Riding A Hoverboard The First Time

You just got that shiny new hoverboard that you have been dreaming of, and now it is time to learn how to ride it. Now […]

1202, 2016

3 Tips for Buying A Safe Hoverboard


The popularity of hover boards have increased over time, adults and children alike are enjoying this kind of activity. Since hover boards can be fun […]

2901, 2016


The Hoverboard craze is a fun trend that’s sweeping many areas around the globe. This little source of exciting activity has been designed for both […]

412, 2015

Top 10 Best Hover Boards

When it comes to the best hover boards you can’t beat the ones in this list! Below is a collection of some of the best […]