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INMOTION V3 14 Inch Twin Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle with Extensible Rod


INMOTION V3 is a 14 inch Twin Wheel self-balancing electric unicycle which weights 29.7 pounds, supports 11 mph max speed, with 144Wh battery, 450W motor. It has unique design with extensible rod. INMOTION V3 supports Bluetooth and APP and can offer more functions when connect with your mobile phone like GPS. It also comes with Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers.

Product Description

It’s not a secret that in the last couple of years, technology has advanced at a rapid pace. Nowadays, there are numerous of high-tech devices on the market that are capable of making everyday life easier and thus more comfortable; take the MoHawk V3 by InMotion, for example.


The 411 on the Innovative InMotion Brand

Ever since it stepped up to the plate, InMotion is a brand that has been able to stand out from the rest due to its innovative products that carry an advance technology that cannot be found anywhere else, and the MokHawk V3 is proof of this.


MoHawk V3

This is a one-wheel battery-powered electric vehicle that’s self-balancing and is sensor controlled. It has been attaining a lot of positive reviews and rating from consumers who are already putting it in good use.


How To Ride The Inmotion’s Mohawk V3?

Noteworthy Features

This high-tech device is only 36 pounds. It can travel up to 9 mph and can even make it up a 24-degree incline, which is ideal for sidewalk roaming. For commuting in a safe manner, this vehicle comes with rear blinkers and a headlight. (The handlebars can easily be detached from the wheels.)


This unicycle will sense your body movements while you drive it. It utilizes a well-designed system to drive the motors in a precise manner in order to keep it always well-balanced.

Since its release in March of this year, the MoHawk V3 has been selling like hotcakes. If you get your hands on it, you’ll be thrilled you did, because you can ride it anywhere you want to go. It has an integrated Bluetooth application so that you can have communication with your smartphone and Bluetooth speakers.

InMotion Knocked It out of the Park . . . Again

This affordable cruiser is available in a variety of different colors in order to match your style: green, blue, yellow, white, and red. It’s accompanied by the latest technology to make your ride experience the best one possible every time you opt to hop on it, which definitely makes it worth a shot.

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, White, Silver


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