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MoGo – InMotion self-balancing electric vehicle INMOTION SCV


InMotion has produced a self-balancing electric vehicle called MoGo, which is one of the most novel of its kind. This electric scooter comes equipped with a fully-integrated smartphone application, whose features include:

  • voice prompting
  • directional detection
  • LED head- and taillights
  • a quick-release lock
  • maximum speed control
  • turning sensors — These cause blinking lights to go on automatically.

Product Description

It also has front and tail lights and makes a great choice for riding at night or at anytime with friends. The vehicle weighs 35 pounds and has a lightweight design that makes it easy to take anywhere! Then there is the MoGo’s shoulder-width design, which keeps the vehicle well within the personal space of the rider and makes it easy to maneuver through crowded spaces.

The MoGo self-balancing electric vehicle comes in three different colors — white, yellow and red. Its battery — which is of the 4Ah 72-volt lithium ion type — takes three and a half hour to charge up fully. It can be ridden at a maximum speed of nine miles per hour and has a range of ten to eighteen miles. The user should weigh between 55 and 265 pounds. The MoGo is water- and dust-resistant and ICP 55-certified. Also included in the package are a removable steering column and a carrying handle for the base.

Most of the weight of the MoGo is concentrated at the base of the vehicle. The wheels also take up most of the length of the foot, but they are small (the advantage of this feature is described in the next paragraph), and the tires themselves are made out of vacuum-molded rubber, thus ensuring that they will last for a long time and cannot go flat. The footboard is also constructed with non-slip rubber. The whole design was meant to be ergonomically sound. Even if an accident does occur, the small size of the wheels enables you to get off easily and also prevents secondary damage.

If there is one thing that people who love to go scootering love best, it is being able to balance effectively without having to worry about falling over and being injured. The engineers responsible for creating the MoGo designed the scooter specifically with that fact in mind, introducing a mechanism that enables it to balance itself so that the rider does not have to do so.

Environmental issues have also been taken into consideration. The materials have been specially chosen so they will not cause environmental leakage.

“Meet the next generation in personal mobility.”

inmotion scv features

Noteworthy Features

This high-tech device is only 36 pounds. It can travel up to 9 mph and can even make it up a 24-degree incline, which is ideal for sidewalk roaming. For commuting in a safe manner, this vehicle comes with rear blinkers and a headlight. (The handlebars can easily be detached from the wheels.)


This self-balancing vehicle will sense your body movements while you drive it. It utilizes a well-designed system to drive the motors in a precise manner in order to keep it always well-balanced. To turn, all you have to do is press the handle bar to the left or right.


This affordable cruiser is available in a variety of different colors in order to match your style: yellow, white and red. It’s accompanied by the latest technology to make your ride experience the best one possible every time you opt to hop on it, which definitely makes it worth a shot.

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