self balancing unicycle health benefitsThe invention of Segways began the double wheel scooter craze, but now it brings us to the self-balancing unicycles. Their target participants are aged 15 to 30 who enjoy technology that is very futuristic and fun. Self-balancing unicycles are the latest in modern, innovative transportation. They are considered an electrically operated vehicle which uses sensors, accelerometers, and an electric motor. Its engineering ability is based on the advancements in measuring body weight and sensor movement.

A unicycle that is self-balancing, like the Mohawk sensor-controlled personal transporter, is ridden by placing your feet on its foot platform that protrudes from the left side and the right side. When a person is balanced, then their body weight allows each rider to move. Riders can lean forward to speed up and by the same token, they can move back slightly to slow down. This tilt sensor system simply means that the unicycle knows when you move and to stay upright and to keep moving, riders just need to be balanced to drive at the right speed.unicycle-yellow

The health benefits of a sensor controlled unicycle includes each rider’s ability to burn lots of calories and to increase coordination, concentration, and balance. The freedom of riding without being enclosed is mentally stimulating and psychologically self-motivating. Balancing on a self-balancing unicycle requires using the abdomincal muscles and the leg muscles, which helps to build a strong, healthy core. Riding around town, to and from work, school, or many other short-term locations, helps increase the heart rate. In other words, riding a unicycle requiring balance, is an ideal low-impact form of exercise. Just remember to wear various safety equipment, such as a helmet and padded gloves.

The unicyclist models use a sensor system which is based on a gyroscope system. When riders push on a point at the top of a spinning wheel, the gryroscope system pushes a force on the opposite ends of the wheel, which gives riders balance. To make a turn on a unicycle, a rider must lean in the direction that they want, left or right. Unicycles are powered by an internal battery and it can achieve speeds of 9 to 12 miles per hour and it can uniquely travel 6 to 18 miles per charge.

The self-balancing unicycles are a worldwide popular transportation device. The unicycles are easy to transition from indoors to outdoors, they are fashionable on college campuses, they are cost-effective, gives good battery mileage, and they are used in many different industries, including healthcare and law enforcement.

Just like the Mohawk self balancing unicycle, they have unique features, which can include:

  • head and tail LED lights that can be steady, blink, flash, and glow
  • wireless Bluetooth speakers with touch screen control
  • thickly padded foam leg rests
  • water and dust resistantBUY NOW
  • smart phone apps
  • ergonomically engineered
  • varying width pneumatic single tires
  • pull-out handle for carrying
  • security alarm function
  • 18° climbing capability
  • available in different colors