One of the most popular ways to get around these days is on a self balancing device. These small personal transportation devices are increasing in numbers and more than likely you know someone that owns one. Maybe you even have one of your very own. But for those of you who are not familiar with these neat models of transportation you must know that there are three types of self balancing devices are out there you can choose from.

Three Types of Self Balancing Devices

  • Self balancing scooters– These transportation devices come with two wheels in a wide range of different configurations. These devices utilize an array of censors that help riders stay balanced without the fear of falling off. Self balancing scooters are used for a wide range of application including sight seeing, work environment situations and for just plain fun.BUY NOW
  • Self balancing unicycles– These devices are really neat to drive. With only one wheel, you will have a fun ride around the city or even the country. Driven by electricity, this mode of transportation is easy to carry with you because it is small in size, but you need some practice in order to get the hang riding it. Similar to the original unicycle, you might look a bit funny riding around on this device.
  • Self balancing vehicles This is one of the most fun ways to get around. Self-balancing vehicles come with two wheels and are much like self-balancing scooters but with handles. These are used by large companies to help their workers get around and by tour companies looking to add a unique way to see local attractions. These are a bit more pricey, but they often have a larger range of operation allowing you to go farther and at a faster rate than the other devices.