ul certification for electric vehicles

Hover boards are the latest trend in mobile vehicles that can simply be controlled by your feet and shifting of weight. With the continued popularity, it is important for hover boards to be tested and certified to ensure safety and compliance. UL LLC is a U.S.-based safety consulting and certification company.


Safety and certification are critical because of the potential for fires. Many media channels are reporting that the fires are caused by compatibility issues between the lithium-on battery and the power supply. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) is conducting investigations as to the true root cause of the issue. Through certification, consumers, manufacturers and retailers will gain a peace of mind when purchasing, producing or selling these products.

Avoid an Incident

There are multiple agencies involved in providing safety tips to those who recently purchased a hover board. The simplest tip is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on charging and their tips for a safe and successful charge. In some instances, an incident is unavoidable but you can minimize the impact of a fire by keeping the charging area clear of clutter to not further exacerbate the incident. Also, calling 911 immediately and not using a fire extinguisher are critical.


To ensure the safe manufacturing and usage of hover boards, UL is conducting several energy storage tests as well as system, power supply and materials testing. UL are the leading experts in battery technology and has specifically studied lithium-ion units. Currently, there is no mandate requiring testing or certification, manufacturers voluntarily decide to submit their products.

Safety Tips

As a consumer, there are several tips to include your safety during charging. These tips include:

  • Don’t buy the cheap hover boards
  • Avoid flammable materials during charging
  • Charge the board with the packaged charger
  • Don’t overcharge the hover board, follow the correct charging times as set by the manufacturer
  • Don’t leave the board charging overnight

Hover boards can be a safe and fun method of transportation. However, to ensure safety while charging at home, it is critical to follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Once the UL has completed testing and deemed hover board’s safe enough for certification, they will make an official announcement which should put retailers, consumers and manufacturers’ minds at ease.